Dunrobin > Mount Hamilton > Waterloo > Reid Macaulay > Mossburn


This route collects students living west of Wreys Bush Road before travelling along Roy Road, Felton Road and Reid Macaulay Road. NSC students can transfer at Mossburn to the Mossburn North bus.

Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A Dunrobin Valley Road 7.30am
B Dunrobin Road 7.35am
D 500 Waterloo Road 7.45am
E 376 Mount Hamilton Road 7.50am
F Waterloo Road 8.00am
H Felton Road 8.18am
I Mossburn School 8.26am

EasyBus Route Guide: Dome – Mossburn Midwest AM

Bus stops

Bus stop review not yet completed, please contact Easybus for more information