Lumsden to Wreys Bush Road, via Mossburn School


This route travels from Lumsden to Wreys Bush Road, via Mossburn School.


Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A Lumsden 3.30pm
C SH94 at Edwards Road 3.38pm
E Mossburn School 3.52pm
G 3357 Wreys Bush-Mossburn Road 4.02pm
H 2385 Wreys Bush 4.14pm
I Mossburn School 4.25pm
EasyBus route code: Moss South PM

Bus stops

599 Lumsden Mossburn Hwy Active
Cnr SH94 and Edwards Road (south side) Active
986 Mossburn-Lumsden Hwy Active
1150 Mossburn-Lumsden Hwy Active
1490 Mossburn-Lumsden Hwy Active
1515 Mossburn-Lumsden Hwy Active
3357 Wreys Bsuh-Mossburn Road Active
3251 Wreys Bsuh-Mossburn Road Active
2744 Wreys Bsuh-Mossburn Road Active