Mossburn > north of Mossburn > Chewings Rd to Te Anau-Mossburn Hwy


This route takes Mossburn students home to the areas north of Mossburn. Having returned to Mossburn School, it meets the other buses at the Wreys Bush meeting point and then travels up Chewings Road to Centre Hill.

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Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A Mossburn School 3.05pm
B 628 Gallagher Road 3.15pm
D Oswald Road 3.23pm
E Hillas Road 3.27pm
F 1217 Mossburn-Five Rivers Hwy 3.35pm
G 409 Lowther Road 3.39pm
H Mossburn School 3.47pm
I Reid Macauley Road 3.53pm
J 985 Chewings Road 4.06pm
K Centre Hill 4.22pm
EasyBus route code: Moss West PM

Bus stops

Bus stop review not yet completed, please contact Easybus for more information