Theodore AM


This route services the areas west and southwest of Auroa School. The bus travels along the following roads:
– Eltham Road
– Patiki Road
– SH45
– Nopera Road
– Skeet Road
– Omuturangi Road
– Oeo Road

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Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A Eltham Road 8.00am
B Patiki Road 8.05am
C SH45 from Patiki Road 8.17am
D Nopera Road 8.19am
F Skeet Road 8.28am
G Omuturangi Road 8.32am
H SH45 from Omuturangi Road 8.37am
I Oeo Road from SH45 8.40am
J Skeet Road from Oeo Road 8.46am
K Auroa School 8.50am
EasyBus route code: Theodore AM

Bus stops

opp 577 Patiki Road Active
1692 Patiki Road Active
Pihama Hall Active
3245 SH45 Active
352 Nopera Road Active
opp. 2639 Skeet Road Active
opp. 2629 Skeet Road Active
opp. 2725 Skeet Road Active
198 Omuturangi Road Active
402 Omuturangi Road Active
opp. 77 Omuturangi Road Active
opp. 240 Oeo Road Active