Upper Kaimais to Otumoetai


This route provides a service to students living in the Upper Kaimais south of McLaren Falls Road.

This bus meets the other Kaimai buses at the Tauranga Crossing transfer point. From there it travels to Otumoetai.

Year 7 and 8 students living inside the Kaimai School transport zone can board the bus at point I to travel to school.

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Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A Kaimai School 7.17am
B Soldiers Rd 7.22am
F Old Kaimai Road 7.32am
G SH29 at Ngamuwahine Road 7.43am
H SH29 at Thorn Road 7.47am
I Ruahihi Power Station 7.50am
J Taurikura Drive 8.05am
L Otumoetai College 8.30am

EasyBus Route Guide: TTNG R10 AM

Bus stops

230 Soldiers Road Active
168 Soldiers Road Active
48 Soldiers Road Active
12 Soldiers Road Active
2205 SH29 Active
Corner Valley View Road Active
2287 SH29 Restricted
2407 SH29 Inactive
2731 SH29 Active
1793 SH29 Inactive
Hanga Road Inactive
Corner of Old Kaimai Road Active
175 Old Kaimai Road Active
Ngamuwahine Road Active
1878 Sh29 Active
1378 State Highway 29 Active
Thorn Road Active
River Oaks Drive Active
Miles Lane Active
Furn Park Lane Active
Outside Country Fare Active