Otumoetai to Upper Kaimais


This route commences in Otumoetai and travels to the Upper Kaimais, via the Taurikura Drive transfer point.

To get to the transfer point:

  • Tauranga Girls’ College students will take R11
  • Tauranga Intermediate students will take R13
  • Tauranga Boys’ College students will take R12 or R13
  • St Mary’s students will take R12

Year 7 and 8 students can travel on this bus as far as the Ruahihi Power Station.

Click here to view the AM version of this route


Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
D Taurikura Drive 3.57pm
E Ruahihi Road 4.05pm
F SH29 at Thorn Road 4.07pm
G Soldiers Road 4.14pm
K Old Kaimai Road 4.28pm
L SH29 at Ngamuwahine Road 4.32pm
EasyBus route code: TTNG R10 PM

Bus stops

Wallace Place Active
Westridge Drive Active
Furn Park Lane Active
Miles Lane Active
River Oaks Drive Active
Jach Shaw Ltd driveway Active
opposite Ruahihi Power Station Active
SH29 at Ruahihi Road Active
1549 SH29 Inactive
SH29 opposite Thorn Road Active
Kaimai School Active
230 Soldiers Road Inactive
168 Soldiers Road Active
48 Soldiers Road Active
12 Soldiers Road Active
1793 SH29 Inactive
2205 SH29 Active
Corner Valley View Road Active
2287 SH29 Restricted
2407 SH29 Inactive
2731 SH29 Active
Old Kaimai Road (southern end) Active
Corner of Old Kaimai Road Active
175 Old Kaimai Road Active
Ngamuwahine Road Active