TGC to McLaren Falls and Omanawa


This route commences at Tauranga Girls’ College and travels to the Tauranga Crossing transfer point. From there it travels along McLaren Falls Road and Omanawa Road.

To get to the transfer point:

  • Otumoetai students will take R10
  • Tauranga Intermediate students will take R13
  • Tauranga Boys’ College students will take R12 or R13
  • St Mary’s students will take R12

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Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A Tauranga Girls' College 3.35pm
B Taurikura Drive
C North end of McLaren Falls Road 4.12pm
D McLaren Falls Road at Ormsby Lane 4.18pm
F Sarona Park 4.27pm
H Omanawa Road at Tomsett Rd 4.30pm
I Omanawa Road at SH29 4.32pm
EasyBus route code: TTNG R11 PM

Bus stops

1549 SH29 Active
1565 SH29 Restricted
9 McLaren Falls Road Restricted
Opposite McLaren Falls Park Active
Walter Henry Drive Active
229 McLaren Falls Road Restricted
377 McLaren Falls Road Inactive
Opposite 464 McLaren Falls Road Inactive
opp. 472 McLaren Falls Road Active
Opposite 534 McLaren Falls Road Active
575 McLaren Falls Road Active
589 McLaren Falls Road Active
605 McLaren Falls Road Active
857 McLaren Falls Road Active
Opposite 904 McLaren Falls Road Active
921 McLaren Falls Road Active
Opposite 1299 Omanawa Road Active
1272 Omanawa Road Active
1230 Omanawa Road Inactive
1208 Omanawa Road Active
1190 Omanawa Road Inactive
Opposite 1179 Omanawa Road Active
1138 Omanawa Road Active
1080 Omanawa Road Inactive
1048 Omanawa Road Active
1020 Omanawa Road Active
Opposite 947 Omanawa Road Inactive
878 Omanawa Road Inactive
Corner of Peers Road Active
796 Omanawa Road Inactive
Opposite 595 Omanawa Road Active
Corner of Tomsett Road Inactive
672 Omanawa Road Active
646 Omanawa Road Active
Jensen Road Active
518 Omanawa Road Active
446 Omanawa Road tba
172 Omanaawa Road Active