Tauriko School to Belk, Omanaawa, Ruahihi and Poripori


This route travels from Tauriko School to Belk Road, Omanawa Road, Ruahihi Road and Poripori Road.

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Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
B Belk Road at Lawry Lane 2.50pm
C North end of Omanawa Road 2.59pm
D Omanawa Road at Jensen Road 3.03pm
E Omanawa Road at Peers Road 3.08pm
F Sarona Park 3.14pm
G Corner of Omanawa Rd and McLaren Falls Road 3.17pm
H North end of Omanawa Road 3.34pm
I South end of Ruahihi Road 3.42pm
L North end of Ruahihi Road 3.46pm
L Poripori Road 3.51pm

EasyBus Route Guide: TTNG R14 PM

Bus stops

SH29 at Gargan Road Inactive
40 Belk Road Active
Wintebre Lane Inactive
167 Belk Road Active
Griffin Road Active
Melville Road Active
481 Belk Road Inactive
Lawry Lane Active
460 Belk Road Inactive
360 Belk Road Active
316 Belk Road Inactive
184 Belk Road Active
172 Belk Road Active
75 Omanawa Road Active
255 Omanawa Road Active
424 Omananwa Road Inactive
429 Omanawa Road Active
483 Omanawa Road Active
597 Omanawa Road Active
991 Omanawa Road Active
991 Omanawa Road Active
1007 Omanawa Road Inactive
1021 Omanawa Road Active
1076 Omanawa Road Inactive
Sarona Park Active
1272 Omanawa Road Active
1208 Omanawa Road Inactive
1128 Omanawa Road Inactive
672 Omanawa Road Inactive
Opp. 788 Omananwa Road Active
646 Omanawa Road Active
Jensen Road Active
242 Omanawa Road Active