Whakamarama to Otumoetai College


This route collects students living in Whakamarama, Ross and Youngson Roads. It then travels to the Carmichael Road transfer point before heading to Otumoetai College.

Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A North end, Whakamarama Road 7.03am
B Martha Lane 7.08am
C 937 Whakamarama Road 7.15am
D Corner Leyland Road and Odey Road 7.21am
E Cnr Whakamarama and Ross Roads 7.26am
F Sinclair Road 7.30am
G Youngson Road 7.35am
J Carmichael Road transfer point 8.20am
L Otumoetai College 8.30am

EasyBus Route Guide: TTNG R16 AM

Bus stops

27 Whakamarama Road tba
45 Whakamarama Road tba
107 Whakamarama Road tba
135 Whakamarama Road tba
175 Whakamarama Road tba
191 Whakamarama Road tba
257 Whakamarama Road Active
Martha Lane Inactive
Te Kohanga Road Inactive
880 Whakamarama Road Active
813 Whakamarama Road Inactive
760 Whakamarama Road Inactive
698 Whakamarama Road Inactive
686 Whakamarama Road Active
654 Whakamarama Road Active
Odey Road Active
Goodall Road Active
Whakamarama School Active
420 Whakamarama Road Active
99 Ross Road Active
Laurel Drive Active
203 Ross Road Active
Sinclair Road Active
182 Ross Road Active
66 Ross Road Active
2 Ross Road Restricted
354 Whakamarama Road Active
478 Youngson Road tba
460 Youngson Road Active
440 Youngson Road tba
416 Youngson Road tba
376 Youngson Road tba
362 Youngson Road tba
328 Youngson Road tba
286 Youngson Road tba
Opposite 265 Youngson Road tba
Plummer Road Active
Near 112 Youngson Road tba
18 Youngson Road tba