Tauranga Girls' to Wairoa and Minden


This route travels from Tauranga Girls’ College to the Carmichael Road transfer point. From there it travels up Wairoa Road to Crawford Road, then Junction Road and Minden Road.

Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
D Cnr SH2 and Wairoa Road 3.51pm
G Crawford Road 4.05pm
I Waiata Road 4.18pm
J Cnr Minden Road and SH2 4.28pm

EasyBus Route Guide: TTNG R18 PM

Bus stops

132 Wairoa Road Inactive
159 Wairoa Road Active
215 Wairoa Road Active
16 Crawford Road Inactive
164 Crawford Road Inactive
181 Crawford Road Active
234 Crawford Road Inactive
251 Crawford Road Active
308 Crawford Road Inactive
645 Crawford Road tba
652 Crawford Road tba
622 Crawford Road tba
402 Crawford Road tba
161 Junction Road Active
320 Minden Road tba
Bowler Lane tba
Elliot Way Active
Opposite 219 Minden Road Active
Corbett Drive tba
Perkins Drive Active