Otumoetai to Whakamarama and Plummers Point


This route commences in Otumoetai and travels to the Kmart transfer point. It then travels to Whakamarama and Plummers Point, travelling along these roads:

Barrett > Whakamarama > Old Highway > Youngson > Plummers Point Road

To get to the transfer point in the afternoon:

  • Tauranga Boys’ College and Tauranga Intermediate students take R17
  • Tauranga Girls’ College students will take R18

Click here for the AM version of this route


Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A Otumoetai Intermediate 3.15pm
B Otumoetai College 3.25pm
D Kmart transfer point 3.44pm
G Barrett Road 4.03pm
H Whakamarama Road 4.05pm
I Youngson Rd 4.15pm
J Old Highway 4.20pm
K Plummers Point Road 4.30pm
L Jess Road 4.35pm
M Black Sheep 4.40pm
EasyBus route code: TTNG R19 PM

Bus stops

47 Barrett Road Active
Barrett Road at Old Highway Active
27 Whakamarama Road Active
45 Whakamarama Road Active
107 Whakamarama Road Active
135 Whakamarama Road Active
175 Whakamarama Road Active
191 Whakamarama Road Active
257 Whakamarama Road Active
299 Whakamarama Road Active
478 Youngson Road Active
460 Youngson Road Active
440 Youngson Road Active
416 Youngson Road Active
376 Youngson Road Active
366 Youngson Road Active
362 Youngson Road Active
328 Youngson Road Active
286 Youngson Road Active
Opposite 265 Youngson Road Active
Plummer Road Active
Near 112 Youngson Road Active
42 Youngson Road Active
29 Plummers Point Road Active
Opposite 78 Plummers Point Road Active
Plummer’s Point Road at Anderson La Active
Plummer’s Point cnr Jess Road Active