Otumoetai to Omokoroa


This route travels from Otumoetai to Omokoroa, via the following roads:

Barrett Road > Old Highway > Youngson Road > Omokoroa Road > Kayelene Place bus shelter > Omokoroa Road > Hamurana Road.

This bus does not stop in Bethlehem.

Families living in Te Puna should note that there is no stop at Parklands on this service. Students should instead catch the R17 bus and get off in Te Puna Quarry Road.

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Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
F Barrett Road 3.43pm
G Old Highway cnr Youngson Road 3.46pm
H SH2 cnr Omokoroa Road 3.57pm
I Kayelene Place bus shelter 3.55pm
K Hamurana Road 4.00pm
M Park and Ride 4.05pm

EasyBus Route Guide: TTNG R25 PM

Bus stops

47 Barrett Road Active
355 Old Highway Active
Near 112 Youngson Road Active
42 Youngson Road tba
Bus shelter corner SH2 and Omokoroa Road Active
Corner Prole Road and Omokoroa Road Inactive
Omokoroa Park and Ride Active
Omokoroa Road at Kayelene Place Active
Te Karaka Drive Inactive
Gill Lane Active