Tauranga to Ohauiti


This route travels from Tauranga Intermediate to Tauranga Girls’ and then Tauranga Boys’ College. From that point it travels to Ohauiti via Ohauiti Road, Kaitemako South Road, Rowe Road and McPhail Road.

Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
D Ohauiti Road at Boscabel Drive 3.52pm
E Rowe Road at Kaitemako S Road 4.02pm
F Rowe Road at Ohauiti Road 4.05pm
G Ohauiti Road at Adrine Lane 4.11pm
H Ohauiti Road at McPhail Road 4.20pm
I South end of McPhail Road 4.26pm

EasyBus Route Guide: TTNG R4 PM

Bus stops

405 Ohauiti Road Active
479 Ohauiti Road tba
Neewood Road (southbound) tba
11 Rowe Road tba
67 Rowe Road tba
116 Rowe Road tba
212 Rowe Road tba
287 Rowe Road tba
Rowe Road at corner of Kaitemako S Road tba
326 Rowe Road Active
12 Rowe Road Active
816 Ohauiti Road tba
862 Ohauiti Road tba
956 Ohauiti Road tba
Adrine Lane (southbound) tba
Mount Misery carpark tba
1490 Ohauiti Road Active
268 McPhail Road tba
200 McPhail Road tba
165 McPhail Road tba
130 McPhail Road tba
McPhail Road at corner of Oropi Road tba