Tauranga to Oropi Upper


This route travels from Tauranga Intermediate to Tauranga Girls’ College before meeting the R6 and R7 buses at the Pukemapu transfer point. From there it heads to the southern part of Oropi via Oropi Road, Mountain Road, Glue Pot Road and Oropi Gorge Road.

Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
D Pukemapu transfer point 3.43pm
E Hereford Road 3.51pm
F Oropi School 3.52pm
G Mountain Road 3.55pm
H Seales Road 4.01pm
I Glue Pot Road 4.07pm
J North end of Glue Pot Road 4.13pm
K Oropi Road 4.20pm

EasyBus Route Guide: TTNG R5 PM

Bus stops

968 Oropi Road tba
1010 Oropi Road tba
Oropi Road at Hereford Road tba
Oropi Road and Lloyds Road tba
Oropi School Active
327 Mountain Road Active
Mountain Road at Seales Road Active
Corner of Oropi Road and Glue Pot Road tba
Corner of Mountain Road and Burd Road tba
Layby at north end of Mountain Road Active
81 Glue Pot Road tba
114 Glue Pot Road tba
181 Glue Pot Road tba
210 Glue Pot Road tba
288 Glue Pot Road tba
433 Glue Pot Road tba