Middle Oropi to Tauranga primary schools


This route provides a service to students living in the middle part of Oropi, including Warner Road, Hereford Road and Oropi Road. It meets the R5 and R7 buses at the Pukemapu transfer point before heading to Fraser Cove where Tauranga Intermediate School students hop off. From there it travels to St Mary’s, Greerton Village and Greenpark.

Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A Cnr Oropi Road and Warner Road 7.37am
D Oropi Road at Jacks Lane 7.46am
E Oropi Road at Nga Parae Road 7.50am
H Oropi Road at Pukemapu Road 7.55am
I Fraser Cove 8.12am
J St Mary's 8.24am
M Greenpark School 8.28am

EasyBus Route Guide: TTNG R6 AM

Bus stops

Warner Road at corner of Oropi Road Active
Warner Road at Hereford Road tba
67 Hereford Road tba
83 Hereford Rd tba
151 Hereford Road tba
325 Hereford Road tba
358 Hereford Road tba
385 Hereford Road tba
1002 Oropi Road Active
Oropi Road at Jacks Lane Active
887 Oropi Road tba
848 Oropi Road tba
839 Oropi Road tba
824 Oropi Road tba
806 Oropi Road tba
Oropi Road at Castles Road Active
Oropi Road at Nga Parae Road Active
560 Oropi Road tba
479 Oropi Road tba
410 Oropi Road tba
374 Oropi Road tba
327 Oropi Road tba