Oropi North to Tauranga secondary schools


This route travels through the northern part of Oropi including Pukemapu Road and Phillips Drive before meeting the R5 and R6 buses at the Pukemapu transfer point. From there it travels to Tauranga Girls’ College and Tauranga Boys’ College.

From the transfer point:

  • Tauranga Intermediate students will board R6
  • St Mary’s students will board R6
  • Tauranga Girls’ students will board R5

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Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A North end of Pukemapu Road 7.40am
B South end of Pukemapu Road 7.44am
D South end of Phillips Drive 7.52am
E Pukemapu transfer point 8.02am
F Tauranga Boys' College 8.25am
EasyBus route code: TTNG R7 AM

Bus stops

49 Pukemapu Road Active
91 Pukemapu Road Active
177 Pukemapu Road Active
189 Pukemapu Road Active
215 Pukemapu Road Active
220 Pukemapu Road Active
120 Pukemapu Road Active
34 Pukemapu Road Active
5 Phillips Drive Active
75 Phillips Drive Active
169 Phillips Drive Active
220 Phillips Drive Active
120 Phillips Drive Active
Cnr Phillips Drive and Oropi Road Active