Pyes Pa south to Tauranga


This route services the southern part of Pyes Pa including Taumata Road, Belk Road S, Dekker Road and Williams Road. The last pick up on this route is at 700 Pyes Pa Road. The bus drops off at Tauranga Girls’ before heading to Fraser Cove where Tauranga Intermediate students hop off. It then travels to Tauranga Boys’ College.

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Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A 139 Belk Road S 7.20am
B Taumata Rd at Dekker Road 7.28am
C 714 Taumata Road 7.36am
D Cnr Taumta Road and Pyes Pa Road 7.43am
G Williams Road 7.55am
H 700 Pyes Pa Road 8.03am
J Fraser Cove 8.29am
K Tauranga Boys' College 8.34am
EasyBus route code: TTNG R8 AM

Bus stops

139 Belk Road South Active
Dekker Road Active
Opposite 700 Taumata Road Active
Opposite 714 Taumata Road Inactive
803 Taumata Road Active
909 Taumata Road Inactive
935 Taumata Road Active
1003 Taumata Road Active
Loaded NZ bus shelter Active
Opposite 1679 Pyes Pa Road Active
1540 Pyes Pa Road Inactive
1526 Pyes Pa Road Active
1520 Pyes Pa Road Inactive
1312 Pyes Pa Road Active
5 Williams Road Active
Cnr Williams Rd S and Williams Rd N Active
1128 Pyes Pa Road Active
Pyes Pa School Active
850 Pyes Pa Road Active
800 Pyes Pa Road Restricted
782 Pyes Pa Road Active
Pyes Pa Hall Active