Tauranga to Pyes Pa north


This route commences at Tauranga Intermediate and then travels to Tauranga Boys’ College and Tauranga Girls’ College. From there it drops off students in Joyce Road and Pyes Pa Road below #700.

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Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
D Tauranga Girls' College 3.35pm
E North end of Joyce Road 3.55pm
F Joyce Road at Iona Drive 4.00pm
G Cnr Joyce Road and Pyes Pa Road 4.05pm
H Pyes Pa Road at Kennedy Road 4.12pm
EasyBus route code: TTNG R9 PM

Bus stops

Joyce Road north end Active
187 Joyce Road Active
309 Joyce Road Active
419 Joyce Road Active
519 Joyce Road Active
533 Joyce Road Active
Joyce Road South end Inactive
Merrick Road Active
676 Pyes Pa Road Inactive
644 Pyes Pa Road Active
630 Pyes Pa Road Active
608 Pyes Pa Road Inactive
556 Pyes Pa Road Active
548 Pyes Pa Road Active
526 Pyes Pa Road Active
520 Pyes Pa Road Inactive
Pyes Pa Road cnr Keenan Road Active
387 Pyes Pa Road Active
354 Pyes Pa Road Inactive
Pyes Pa Road cnr Kennedy Road Inactive