Balfour to St Patricks, then Lumsden to Waikaia via Longridge and Wendonside


Part 1 of this route travels from Balfour School to St Patricks, via Steffan Road.

Part 2 of this route begins in Lumsden. From there it travels south to drop off students living just south of Lumsden. From there it travels to Waikaia via Longridge and Wendonside.

Note: the route between Waikaia and Longridge can be modified to provide a service to families living in this area.

Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A Balfour School 2.45pm
D St Patricks 3.02pm
G Lumsden 3.26pm
I Walker Road 3.33pm
J Biggar Road 3.41pm
M Ardlussa-Cattleflat Road 3.55pm
N Plains Station Road 4.00pm
O Maher Road 4.10pm
Q Freshford Plains Station Road 4.14pm
T Waikaia 4.30pm

EasyBus Route Guide: Dome – Waikaia PM

Bus stops

Bus stop review not yet completed, please contact Easybus for more information