Bream Bay to Brynderwyns


This route travels from Bream Bay College it travels to Waipu, then to the Brynderwyns Lookout, and then on to Brooks Road and Finlayson Brook Road.

Please note that due to an issue with the Google map below, the timing points are shown out of order. You can be assured that the bus travels first to the Brynderwyns Lookout, then to Waipu Gorge, then Brooks Road and Finlayson Brook Road.

The route times shown here are estimates. The bus may arrive five minutes either side of the scheduled time.


Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A Bream Bay College 3.25pm
B The Braigh 3.39pm
D Waipu Gorge Road 3.54pm
E Brooks Road 3.57pm
G Finlayson Brook Road 4.08pm
EasyBus route code: WD7 PM part 2

Bus stops

Bus stop review not yet completed, please contact Easybus for more information