Oruawharo to Wellsford


This route travels from Oruawharo to Wellsford via SH1, Whakapirau Road and Wellsford Valley Road.

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Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A SH1 at Mangawhai Road 7.20am
B Oruawharo Road 7.30am
C Oruawharo School Road 7.40am
D SH1 at Oruawharo Road 7.50am
E Whakapirau Road 8.00am
F Wellsford Valley Road 8.02am
G Wellsford School 8.05am
H Rodney College 8.10am
EasyBus route code: WF11 AM

Bus stops

1161 SH1 Active
Payne Road Active
Syd Smith Road Active
Wiki Brown Road Active
883 Oruawharo Road Active
Oruawharo School Road Active
Corner Ross Road Active