Tauhoa/Mount Auckland PM


This route provides a service to students living around Tauhoa. The first part of the route travels south to the corner of Kaipara Hills Road. The second part of the route travel north to Wharehine Road and JV Grant Road.

This route also collects Rodney College students from the WF9 Tauhoa Connection bus and takes them south to Tauhoa and beyond to Kaipara Hills Road.

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Timing points

Map codeLocationTime
A Tauhoa School 2.35pm
B Kaipara Hills Road 2.50pm
C Tauhoa School 3.05pm
D Cnr SH16 and Wharehine Road 3.10pm
E Ingleton Road 3.15pm
F Kaipara Coast Highway 3.20pm
G Wharehine Road heading north 3.25pm
H JV Grant Road 3.35pm
I Tauhoa 3.45pm
J Kaipara Hills Road 4.00pm
K 414 Kaipara Coast Hwy 4.10pm
EasyBus route code: WF12 PM

Bus stops

Bus stop review not yet completed, please contact Easybus for more information